Prom Season!

Juniors and Seniors, Save the Date! Prom Season is finally here!


Lisa Frisbee

A list of important details on the Upperclassmen’s Ball 2023

As it is the end of January we’re coming up on prom season. Alhambra’s upperclassmen ball is on April 29, 2023, which leaves roughly two months for the prom preparation to commence. Everyone knows that there are multiple things that go into the prom look: hair, nails, makeup, shoes, dress/suits, etc. Some people have already found their dresses and gotten them altered but for some, the hunt for the perfect prom outfit continues. Many worries go through people’s minds such as trying to look their best while also not accidentally matching with another attendee. The prom struggle is real. 

A hot topic people have been talking about, along with outfits and looks people are going for, is where the upperclassman ball is being held. Alameda County Fairgrounds has been the chosen location for the 2023 prom. There have been many differing opinions about the said location and some even wondered if it would be worth going. The theme of the dance is the real eyecatcher, “At Last I See The Light,” based on the Disney movie Tangled. Students can enjoy a memorable evening while being under the lanterns with their peers and friends. 

One major subject matter talked about amongst students is how the ball is combined with Juniors and Seniors instead of the separate proms we saw happen last year. Some students say they don’t mind because they have friends in the opposite grade and a combined prom allows them to enjoy it together. Others are saying that they wish it was still separate because they have waited so long for their prom time to come. Much like anything else on campus, or in the world in general, there will be differing opinions. Regardless, the students of Alhambra will have a memorable night while being under the lanterns dancing the night away.