Back Into The Swing of Things

Students return to school after a 2-and-a-half week long break, but is everyone truly ready to go back to school?

As Alhambra students return back to campus after the highly anticipated winter break on January 11th, some can’t help but feel pressured to be back. While many students believed the break would bring them great relief, for some, that isn’t the case. Winter break is meant to be a pause in the middle of the school year that gives students the opportunity to celebrate the holidays and spend more time with their families, whether that means staying in and watching movies or going on a family vacation. 

After observing several students returning from the break, it almost felt as if the break wasn’t enough for them to get a refresh for the new semester. We interviewed a few in the yearbook class to see what their thoughts were and here were some of the responses: 


“In some ways yes, but I also wish break was a little longer. It was definitely a time to allow myself to restart, but with that being said junior year is pretty difficult so that’s to be expected.”

– Lisa Frisbie 11


“I believe we should have more relaxation and more time to prepare for the upcoming semester.” – Angie Garcia 11


“No, I feel like I needed more time to ease into the semester, also I ended up getting an extra week of ‘break’ because I got sick which really sucked.” – Uzziel De Pano 10


“I think it was, with how long the break was I think that made it feel more refreshing”

– Raudhan Melendez 10


Going through some of the responses, it’s clear there’s a variety of effects the break can have on students: it can either be really beneficial or something that makes them come back into the school year feeling unprepared to start classes. However, with all of that being said, does that mean that there’s something that the school has to change, meaning possibly extending the break by a day or two? Or does the way break affects students mean it’s their own responsibility to manage their time wisely, making sure to relax but also that they’re prepped for school? Only time will tell.