Winter Spirit

Alhambra students gear up for a creative and awesome week to show their school spirit!

From December 12 to December 16, 2022, Alhambra High School saw its annual Winter Spirit Week! All week long, students wore different items to match that day’s theme: Monday was Pajama Day, Wear Green Day, ‘Anything But a Backpack’ Day, ‘Dress Like a Teacher’ Day, and Ugly Sweater day. 

On Monday, students wore their pajamas. All throughout campus students were dressed in their comfiest clothes, from flannel pajamas to seasonal pajamas to (the most popular) Star Wars pajamas.  

On Tuesday, students wore green clothes to spread awareness of anti-gun violence and show solidarity for the Sandy Hook Promise. From green shirts, sweaters, pants, and even green socks the student body was covered in green. 

The next day, students were able to carry their books and supplies in anything they wanted. Throughout campus, students carried their supplies in wheelbarrows, buckets, and even in a giant LEGO set box. Everyone loved seeing what new contraptions people brought in, especially as it was a popular trend on Tiktok every year. 

On Thursday the student body was supposed to dress like a teacher. Many students wore glasses, ties, and fancy clothes to show support for their awesome staff! The teachers and staff greatly enjoyed seeing their students dress like them. 

On the final day of the spirit week students wore ugly sweaters. While some wore generic holiday ugly sweaters, some ugly sweaters ranged from The Office-themed to Legend of Zelda-themed, but all agreed that the sweaters worn that day really defined the term “ugly.”

As the week came to an end, students reflected on the fun clothes and items that they wore throughout the five days, and are looking forward to showing off their creativity and humor for the next spirit week!