Expanding Opportunities: Why Alhambra Should Include a School Publishing Production

From diversifying books in the school’s curriculum to opening new electives, there are many ways to help students express themselves through writing and literature.

As a student, having a school publishing production is essential. It provides students a platform to voice their opinions, speak on issues they believe in, and use their voices. Having a school publishing production sets my school apart from others.

In today’s society, it is vital for individuals to have the opportunity to express themselves freely. Having a school publishing production allows students to do so creatively and constructively. Students can write about topics important to them, ranging from personal experiences to social and political issues.

As a future writer, I am particularly interested in writing about the books used in AP literature classes. I believe that the AP literature test and curriculum should be more diverse within its authors provided to be studied at the high school AP level. As a Black woman in a predominantly white school, I have noticed that there is much better writing and authors that schools discredit because of the standard curriculum with mainly white authors given to students to read and learn from.

Schools need to promote diversity and inclusion, especially in the books and authors they provide to their students. This enables a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the world around us. Students should be able to read works from a diverse group of authors, including people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

By diversifying the literature curriculum in AP literature classes, students can better understand different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. This can foster a more inclusive and tolerant society, which is much needed in today’s world.

A school publishing production is crucial for students to express themselves and share their opinions. As a future writer, I am passionate about promoting diversity in literature. The AP Literature test and curriculum should be more diverse within its authors provided to be studied at the high school AP level. Schools must promote diversity and inclusion; diversifying the literature curriculum is an excellent way to achieve this goal.