Players On Top


The Alhambra Girls Basketball team has evolved in so many ways over the last few years. They kept graduating old players and gaining new ones, and yet they are still taking on new challenges and defeating them left and right. Last year, the girls basketball team made it to state for the first time in YEARS! With new faculty, and a change of leadership, the girls basketball team is striving more than ever. They have new players, they have new plays, and they have so much more fun. With Coach Ertola, Coach Duarte, and Coach Ashley, there was no way they wouldn’t make it to NCS. This year, after graduating 6 seniors, including 3 starters, the team was looking for some new blood. They found this in the upcoming seniors and the incoming sophomores. The team was surprising the league when they defeated Miramonte, and made it to state as a 10th seed. The now graduating seniors will be dearly missed, but they know they can pass the torch down to the incoming juniors and seniors that are taking their next step in their high school career.