F-207: Meeting with Mrs. Buck

Recently, we interviewed Mrs. Buck, a teacher at Alhambra High School for 13 years. She teaches English 9 and 12 along with an English Language Development class. To find out more about her, we asked a few questions.

Q: What made you want to become a teacher?

A: “I was an English major [who] didn’t know what else to do. [Also], my family is mostly teachers.”

Q: “Favorite experience as a teacher?” 

A: “Doing fun things with kids outside of class, [such as] college field trips and cooking competitions. [We] used to have a cooking competition with a group of 4 or 5 kids and a teacher.”

Q: Favorite part of working as a teacher?

A: “Getting to work with teens. [You’re] pretty cool.”

Q: Advice to your fellow staff and teachers?

A: “Try to make it fun.”

Q: Favorite part about the community of Martinez and AHS?

A: “I like that we’re such a small community and the school gets a lot of support; people in Martinez like Alhambra.”

Q: What’s one motto you live by?

A: “Things always change, nothing is forever. [Basically] boiling your life down to a cliche.”

Q: What advice would you give to future teachers?

A: “Same advice I gave to other teachers. Try to be fun without being your friend.”

Q: What is one thing you hope that students will gain from taking this class?

A: “An appreciation for stories.”

If you ever want to ask about great literature and need any help with English homework, make sure to check out Mrs. Buck in Class F-207.